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Amphora Black Pepper Essential Oil 10ml


Amphora Aromatics Black Pepper Essential oil 10ml

Species: Piper nigrum Fruit Oil
Origin: India
Extraction Process: Steam distillation
Perfume Note: Middle

Penetrating, stimulating and toning
Commonly used in massage solutions for athletes due to its wonderful warming effect
An energising oil that may help you to focus the mind

Black Pepper Essential Oil is a warming oil that has a stimulating effect on body and mind; a great one to add to the burner if you have a task to do to (its a very powerful oil, so a little goes a long way).

It may also help to improve circulation and ease digestive  problems. Black Pepper essential oil is commonly used in athletic massage rubs.

It's properties are often thought to be similar to those of capsicum. Historically it's been used as a muscle relaxant and an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. It's also said to help improve concentration.

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