Amphora Aromatics Ginger Essential Oil


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Amphora Aromatics Ginger Essential Oil 10ml

  • A penetrating, warming & stimulating oil
  • Brings warmth & stimulation to tired or aching muscles
  • Works well in abdominal massage to bring stomach relief
  • Blends well with Clove, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Rose, Juniper berry, Neroli, Ylang ylang & the citrus oils
  • Species: Zingiber officinalis
  • Origin:  India/ China
  • Extraction process: Steam distilled
  • Perfume note: Middle
 The earthy, woody & spicy aroma of Ginger Essential Oil makes it a wonderful oil to blend with others, for diffusing/ burning, or for a stimulating massage (*Dilute to a maximum of 1% of the total preparation/ blend, before applying to skin)
Ginger Essential Oil’s use in massage blends for aching or painful muscles & joints, is a long-standing one. It stimulates, warms & increases blood circulation to the massaged area. It can also be found as an ingredient in Jointace Gel.
When used suitably diluted & used on the abdomen, this massage blend may help to warm & relieve nausea & stomach upsets- even motion sickness.
Simply inhaling the oil may be a convenient way to relieve nausea too.






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